Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Occupation of KEPEP by disabled activists „Zero Tolerance“

On November 4 the activist group Κίνηση Χειραφέτησης ΑμεΑ: "Μηδενική Ανοχή" (Emancipation Movement of people with disabilities: „Zero Tolerance“) occupied the KEPEP peacefully for four days.

The activists of „Zero Tolerance“ documented once again the deteriorating situation in KEPEP.
Antonis Rellas, one of the activists said:

"This institution is a warehouse of children's souls. What we saw when we entered the institution stretches the limits every fantasy. Children tied with straps, imprisoned, tied to in their beds, closed into cages were begging us to liberate them. These pictures of shame internationally expose our country which attempts to cover this issue up for years by imposing silence. "


This action of „Zero Tolerance“ brought KEPEP into the spotlight of the national media again. The occupation was covered by the national TV channels ERT (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIiNxDKd4xs) and SKAI, by the radio channel Alpha 98.9 FM and by several print and online media.

The activtists of „Zero Tolerance“ also filed a complain about the conditions with the district attorney of Amaliada.

The activists and the media coverage again highlighted the need for imediate change in the institution as well as the need for an alternative model of care – promoting deinstitutionalisation and community based care!

Visit the facebook-page of Κίνηση Χειραφέτησης ΑμεΑ: "Μηδενική Ανοχή" for more information, photos and videos:

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